We Help Honour Canadian
Military Families

Whether you are an individual, organization or foundation, your donations will help to expand our various operations as we celebrate and support the country’s unsung heroes: The Families of the Canadian Armed Forces.
TWS Operations: FALLEN

Together We Stand wanted to show the people closest to those who were lost that Canadians think of them and lend their support during such a difficult time.

Taking these messages of support, encouragement and love, we incorporated them into flags to honour their memory and sacrifice, sending them to their families and the crew they worked alongside.

We honour their memory and will never forget their sacrifice.

TWS Operations: MFAD 2020
A Day For Military Families

Our initiative was simple – have families build a fort at home or at work to honour military families and share a photo of it, using the hashtag #HomeFortChallenge on social media to create awareness. Our efforts reached thousands of military families and friends across Canada.

TWS Operations: Care PAckage
Care Packages Delivered to Military Families

Building from the Eksteins’ 2017 gift card idea, TWS developed what is now known as our Family Care Package – a simple token of gratitude and thanks. 

Giving Thanks.
Thank you!!!! We received a family box from you as my husband was deployed on HMCS Ottawa. We have thoroughly enjoyed this evening, going through your very generous gift together, planning family events and experiences...
- Trevor D
I am a military mom! I came home tonight with a package from your foundation and as I opened it, I was surprised and appreciative - I really no words can describe my gratitude for this gift! It warmed my heart!
- Sandy B
Dear Together We Stand Foundation, I would like to thank you for sending us the Family Gift Box. It is sometimes difficult for military families to be apart, especially during the holidays, and it's an honour to receive this recognition...
- Madison R
Please forward my sincere thank you to all those concerned for the beautiful presentation, to the donors and contributors and all the staff at Together We Stand - what a remarkable gesture. Thank you and a very Happy New Year...
- George F
TWS Operations: Emergency Fund
All across Canada
When Military Families Need Extra Support.

While the country shut down, the military stood steadfast, ready to deploy away from home but also here at home on the frontlines. This was evident from the over 1,700 members on OP Laser who were summoned to support the COVID efforts in Long Term Care Facilities in Quebec and Ontario.

In response to military families in crisis NOW – be it a need for emergency housing, counselling services mental health support, or food procurement – TWS created Operation Emergency Fund, offering supplementary financial support to families finding themselves in hardship due to the global pandemic.

TWS Operations:

Honouring the fallen soldiers of Canada’s Armed Forces

Check out Military Family Appreciation Day

Care packages delivered to Military Families

When Militaryt Familes need extra support.

Stories From
The Homefront:
"I am a military spouse"

I married my husband not long after the movies Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentlemen were big box office hits. 

I’ve often wondered since then why there hasn’t been a class-action suit brought against Tom Cruise or Richard Gere because of the impact those movies had on the hearts of the women of my generation, women like myself who jumped right into relationships with these men in uniform expecting excitement, romance, and adventure, yet completely blind to the reality of their lives to come.

As a military spouse, I’ve moved 16 times, lived in four different countries on two different continents, in three states, three provinces, five different time zones, and I learned three languages…

The Command Post Webcast Series

Every other week we’ll be speaking to members of a military family about what it’s like to be part of such a unique community. Tune in as we drink wine, hide from our kids, and chat from the sanctuary of our tubs!

Join us every other Monday on Facebook Live.

Get Involved
& Volunteer
Reaching out to lend a hand

Want to get involved with the Together We Stand Foundation? We are always looking for volunteers to help recognize and support Canada’s unsung heroes.

Whether it’s contributing to Operation Care Package, celebrating Military Family Appreciation Day, sending letters to families, or getting social across our various platforms, each little bit helps to get our military families to the forefront of the hearts and minds of Canadians.

So please reach out to us…the Together We Stand Foundation and Canadian military families need you!

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