A Day in the Life of a Military Family.

A military family faces a lot of challenges that really puts the strength of the family unit to the test, challenges that are unique to life in the military. When a soldier is deployed, their families hold the fort at home for months at a time. Let’s take a look at how a day unfolds for a deployed soldier and their family back home.

The Scott Family.

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An image of a Canadian Armed Forces member riding on deployment
An image of a mother and her children sitting together on a couch
An image of a Canadian Armed Forces member riding on deployment


Cpl Scott wakes up with his fellow soldiers at the same time every morning. He’s in the second month of a six-month deployment overseas.


The platoon has completed their morning workout, now it’s time for breakfast before the day starts. The sun begins to rise over the Kuwait desert.


An image of a Canadian Armed Forces pilot on deployment
Cpl Scott jumps on a bus that takes them to a camp with the dining hall along with his fellow soldiers, he’s getting his fuel before the long day ahead of him.


The sun is up now, it’s always hot here. He realizes that it’s mothers day soon, he’ll need to visit the camp store to find something to send her way.


It’s now lunchtime, MCpl Scott is thankful for the shade of the dining hall. He thinks about his wife and kids back home, he hopes he can call them today.


He returns back to his duties along with his fellow soldiers, keeping busy helps the time to go by quicker, only four more months left before he goes home.


Over dinnertime. MCpl Scott runs to the camp shop and grabs a card to send home to his wife. He drops it off at the on-base post office. There’s a package for him.


The day is done. MCpl Scott is back in his tent quarters. He eagerly opens the package from his family, he smiles as he pours over their messages of love.
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An image of a mother and her children sitting together on a couch

4:00 AM

The rest of the Scott family is back in Canada at CFB Petawawa. The youngest is awoken by a bad dream, she wakes up her mom saying she misses daddy.

5:30 AM

MCpl Scott’s wife Cindy gets woken up to the dog needing to go out. The kids are beginning to stir, she looks at the calendar…only 4 more months to go.

7:00 AM

It’s breakfast time at the Scott house. Cindy makes the kid’s food and helps them with homework before she has to bring them to school.

8:30 AM

Cindy can’t find any childcare because they only just moved to Petawawa recently. She drops the kids off at school and continues her job search.
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12:30 PM

Cindy sends off a few resumes, she’s been hoping to land work since being posted, but finding that and childcare is the same as where they lived before, difficult.

13:30 PM

Cindy gets a call from the school, her oldest took a tumble and needs stitches. With no family around, she realized she has to take her youngest too.

17:30 PM

Back home after the visit to the hospital, the Scott’s are exhausted and hungry. Cindy hopes that the care package they sent overseas arrives soon.

21:00 PM

Cindy has gotten the kids fed and gone to bed. The time difference makes it hard to schedule a time to call each other, she hopes they can talk tomorrow.

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